2011, Could this be your year?

It’s been a while since our last newsletter, so please accept my sincerest apologies.   The Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Chicago is a Delegate Agency of the City of Chicago’s Department of Community Development, and relies on the City of Chicago for resources to help us accomplish our mission, along with support from our members through their annual dues and promotional events.   If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ve probably heard about the rather large budget shortfall affecting all the local and state government units.  These shortfalls affect everyone, and have specifically affected the Delegate Agency program run by the city. 

Last quarter of last year (2010) the PACCGC along with the other Delegate Agencies in the City were informed that the Delegate Agency program would be eliminated.  For many agencies, this would have signaled certain closure of their operations.  The PACCGC and the other Agencies, came together to let the city council know how important the Delegate Agency programs are and how many businesses would be affected, and they listened.  

As a Delegate Agency, we function as an extension of resources for small businesses in the City of Chicago.  We provide assistance and services for various aspects of business development and are committed to our member’s success. 

This year, we are embarking on an aggressive outreach campaign to attract, assist, and develop a new crop of entrepreneurs.  There are plenty of opportunities out there and we want to help you find them and succeed. 

Green Technologies, Health Care, Education, Housing Development, Information Technology, Personal Services…  Imagine the opportunites and potential.   We’re here to help.