Mission in Focus – 2012

Mission in Focus – 2012

Keeping the Mission in Focus

The PACCGC’s most important mission is to assist and develop the Fil-Am Small Business Community.

Keeping that mission in focus during these difficult economic times has been challenging, but is of even more importance than ever.  Successful Fil-Am businesses provide employment, prosperity, and help for the overall economy and community.

This year, we are renewing our efforts toward small business development with a number of programs we will make available to members and new entrepreneurs.  Many of these programs will focus on the “nuts and bolts” of small business development – Start-up, Legal, Accounting, Finance, Planning, Long Term Care Insurance Planners, Marketing, and Sales are a few of the areas where we will provide information, resources and workshops.

We are also developing a “Business Opportunities” program, where we will focus on specific areas forecasted for growth, along with start-up assistance.

A few of these areas of concentration are:

Health Care





Green Technology

Information Technology


Food Service


To find out more information on upcoming events and programs, please feel free to email me: [email protected]