Business Opportunities 2012

Business Opportunities 2012

2012 is well underway and we are looking forward to seeing more successes in our Philippine-American Business Community.

The past few years of dealing with a world economy in recession has affected many in our business community in ways we could not have imagined.  Almost every industry that our community has been involved in has been impacted.   From Real Estate to Health care, to Restaurants and Technology, everyone has had to make adjustments in one form or another.

For those that were successful in adapting, and to those that have had to reinvent themselves, 2012 is a year full of challenges and unprecedented opportunities.

New industries and services have sprung up to replace the ones that were lost, and a new era of “In-sourcing” has been taking root.

The PACCGC has a renewed commitment to ensuring your success, and have re-dedicated ourselves to the mission of “Business Development”.

In 2012 our goal is to see MORE small businesses established, and we will utilize all our resources to see that happen.

If you’ve ever wanted to start a business or would like to learn about the various opportunities that are available to you, please CONTACT US right away.  We will get you started on the path to your success!

The PACCGC is a Delegate Agency for the City of Chicago’s Department of Housing and Economic Development.   We have resources and services available to help you find economic success.