Searching for Opportunities – Focus on the GREEN!

Searching for Opportunities – Focus on the GREEN!

Focus on Green Technology and Development:

Solar Photovoltaic, Wind, Renewables, Green Home/Energy Efficiency

A lot has changed since we began discussing opportunities in the Green Technology.  One of the hoped-for shining stars of Green Tech – Solyndra, went into Bankruptcy.  An Electric Car manufacturer that was to be a huge jobs creator in Indiana also failed.

Does that mean that Green Tech is dead?  Absolutely NOT.  As with almost every new development that has come before, there were spectacular failures and even more spectacular successes.

Green Technology is one of those that will constantly evolve and will continue to have failures, but even more importantly, Spectacular Successes!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced an infrastructure initiative designed to generate employment, and this initiative includes a number of Green Technology opportunities.

This is only the beginning of a Long Beginning, so the opportunities are only just making themselves known.

This year, we renew our focus on finding opportunities in the Green Technology/Renewable Energy industry and have partnered with local, state, and federal government agencies to help you find these opportunities.

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